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Hadrón The supreme leader.


The blue Necromancers.


Zarco The diabolical sorcerer.


Zafiro The bewitched warrior.


The universe is made up of the totality of space-time. In it are immeasurable galaxies formed among other things by stars and planets. Some of these planets are uninhabitable, either because they´re exposed to extreme temperatures or because they´re covered in toxic gases harmful to life, but many others are occupied by thousands of species with different purposes and specific functions.
Some beings are intelligent and powerful, others are submissive and peaceful. There are those who fight for the common good and those who try to subjugate others for their own benefit and power.
The existence of the cosmos will therefore depend on the behavior of its inhabitants and the interaction generated between them.
It is known that there are as many diabolic entities as kindnesses and that this equity between good and evil is what maintains the universal balance.

To ensure this harmony, there is an ancestral organization called the “Council of Cosmic Guardians”. This elite is made up of individuals from all corners of the galaxies and its members are known as “Galactic Soldiers” whose main function is to mediate in different conflicts that may arise between planets or planetary systems, as well as fight against beings that try to alter the established order.
These brave warriors cannot always be in favor of the weakest, in many cases they are allies of ambitious kings or powerful rulers. Its purpose is to maintain balance, regardless of the means to reach it.

As in all groupings, the council has hierarchies and ranks ranging from troop soldier to galactic counselor, culminating in a unipersonal power carrying the title of “Supreme Leader”.
The forces of the universe determine who that leader is. Choosing it among billions of beings, by some virtue or foundation; this illuminated is made known by a specific signal, which only the council is able to interpret it and execute. The supreme leader is the living being with the most power in the cosmos; therefore the course of the latter depends on the actions that he executes.
In order to fulfill its functions, the council of cosmic guardians seeks allies throughout the vast universe; hundreds of species make up this powerful elite.
Many of them are infiltrated among the populations and live in them going unnoticed. But there are clearly malignant beings such as demons and mercenaries who travel the worlds for the purpose of conquest or expansion, who refuse to recognize this interstellar union, constantly causing prolonged space battles.
The galactic soldiers have the difficult task of repelling the oppressor, but never ending it, because if that happens, the forces of the universe will come into conflict.

Book 1: Hadrón: The supreme leader

In the Herghon galaxy, there is a very advanced planet known as Shearck “The yellow planet”, so-called because it is formed mostly by citrine quartz. Although its size is not small, it´s habitable territory is, since 70 percent of its surface is covered by swamps that surround a single continent, providing a great natural barrier against possible attackers.
This planet possesses and dominates all the technology known to date and is home to many of the brightest individuals in the universe.
It is very common to see dozens of space portals form on the slopes of the Rankard Mountains, simultaneously and at all times; immense passages of energy with indescribable colors in which troops of warriors are teleported to the most recondite places of the galaxies. You can also see interstellar ships enter through them, with world representatives that come in search for help. Hundreds of humanoid races walk through its streets of silicon or fly through its emerald green sky, carrying or bringing accurate information about the behavior of the masses they represent, monitor and control.
In this impetuous yellow planet is where the Council of Cosmic Guardians rules and is also the place of residence of its supreme leader, Hadrón, who rules from the Palace of Silex.

Hadrón is native of Bollkrom, a small and peaceful planet that belonged to the solar system of Vektar and that was inhabited by a unique species in the universe, the Bollks.
These men, very similar in physical appearance to humans, were not carriers of great armaments nor had advanced technology, nor did they travel in outer space. The whole existence of the Bollks transpired there.

The core of Bollkrom was carbon and almost all its surface was covered by diamonds that branched like magical plantations.
The Bollks were responsible for collecting, working and marketing those diamonds with merchants from other worlds, to be used among other products, in the construction of sophisticated and powerful weapons.
Despite having a rich and coveted planet, they never sheltered from possible threats, only the Council of Cosmic Guardians was responsible for ensuring their security, sporadically sending galactic soldiers to control that everything was in harmony.
One day Bollkrom was attacked by an army of Cyborg Pirates who launched a deadly electronic virus over its inhabitants, killing all of them in a very short time, or rather, almost all of them. Hadrón didn´t die; he was the only one of thousands who managed to survive.
Upon being advised of this calamity, temporary portals from Shearck were opened and hundreds of soldiers were sent to Bollkrom in order to find survivors. That race like any other could not be extinguished.

The panorama was not encouraging, while raking tasks were being carried out, battles against the Cyborgs that occupied the planet were fought and this caused everything to be delayed, moving the possibility of finding survivors further and further away. When it seemed that everything was lost, a group of soldiers saw a Bollk man leave a cave. He was in perfect physical condition and approached them for help.
He told them what had happened, how all those who were next to him suddenly vanished when an orange nebula fell from the sky.
He ran through the streets looking for help for his companions but they all seemed to be dead then seeing a group of Cyborg Pirates loitering, hid in a cave and did not come out until that moment.
The Galactic soldiers informed their superiors who requested Hadron be taken immediately to the palace of Silex.
Shortly after the Bollk race was almost extinct, there was an explosion on the planet that disintegrated it completely.

The sages of Sheark attributed this fact to the forces of the universe, affirming that the reason for its destruction was so that the wealth it contained would not fall into the hands of those who should not have it.
Sometime later, while inspecting one of their moons, a group of galactic soldiers found a small piece of diamond from that planet, with a cuneiform inscription beside it that read as follows:

“A single Bollk – A single piece of Bollkrom – Forge with this diamond the scepter of eternal life and give it to the only one of its kind – The forces of the universe will guide towards balance and harmony the new supreme leader.”

Since that episode it has been a long time, Hadrón became Supreme Leader of the Council of Cosmic Guardians and has since held the diamond scepter that grants eternal life.


Book 2: The Blue Necromancers

Recently, a central theme is being discussed in the periodic Universal Assemblies that take place in the Palace of Silex; all talk about the blue-skinned Necromancers and the calamities they cause. Powerful kings tell how their warriors are poisoned and their citizens bewitched to revolt against their kingdoms, some interstellar merchants who manage to survive report that they are looted by these bluish beings, in order to supply their numerous troops … The Galactic soldiers sent as help are disappearing mysteriously without leaving a trace.
This issue is worrying the council of cosmic guardians too much.
The Blue Necromancers are one of the oldest species recorded. They are known as powerful and treacherous sorcerers, who are perfecting their magic to become the most diabolical beings in the universe.
So old is this species that there is no exact certainty of where it originated, but in turn, they inhabit hundreds of different planets.

In some civilizations they are even revered as Gods, since they handle metamorphosis techniques that they use to persuade those they want to dominate.
Manipulating dark magic, through the eons, their main objective is to conquer the universe, but under the permanent look and action of the council they never managed to fulfill their objective.
Not long ago, a theory was rumored among the various allies of the council of the cosmic guardians that these sinister wizards discovered the way to travel through temporary portals, in a way similar to the galactic soldiers, using practically the same technology, according to the experts. For this reason, many explain how quickly they managed to expand easily in all existing directions. The alerts of settlements of Necromancer armies by the galaxies are increasing, and their growth is extremely worrying.
The Blue Necromancers do not have gender as most of the beings that inhabit the cosmos, their way of perpetuating themselves is through the conversion of other species, to their own species, by means of magic. But not all the inhabitants of the cosmos are in danger of transformation, only some species can succumb to their powerful spells, depending mainly on their genetic composition.
The suits used by the Galactic soldiers are made with a unique organic technology created in Shearck, which makes them look white while they are active. These also serve as a protective shield for different laser beams and also repel any spells that may fall on those who wear them.
That is why the humanoids that belong to the force should be safe in possible confrontations against the Blue Necromancers.
From immemorial time, the wise men that were part of the council were responsible for transmitting from generation to generation a prophecy whose origin was lost in time, and judging by current events is becoming a daily reality.

“The time will come when a lineage of evil beings will occupy more planets than the council has notion. Deceiving the strongest and subjecting the weakest will lead the cosmos to a deep chaos that even they won´t be able to stop. The balance will be corrupted and the universe will perish if they are not completely exterminated.”

Hadrón called an intergalactic meeting attended by warrior leaders, emperors, kings and wizards in order to make a pronouncement about it. At the end of the assembly that lasted several moons and after a deep meditation, his words were forceful:

“According to the laws of the forces of the universe, a species must never be exterminated, but it is clear that the prophecy of the ancestors is about to be fulfilled and must be respected. The blue sorcerers have to be eliminated or the universe is headed towards an imminent destruction”.

Book 3: Zarco – The diabolical sorcerer

Under the order to eliminate the Blue Necromancers executed by Hadrón, his first adviser Arzan Roth was entrusted along with twenty galactic soldiers specialized in espionage issues to an extremely dangerous mission; his task was to locate one of the most ruthless of his ilk, a powerful sorcerer who traveled the planets recruiting dangerous henchmen and who called himself “Zarco“.
It was very important to reach and capture him, since according to the records, he was a very influential enemy within his destructive species and was shaping up to be one of the most powerful in history. His capture would be very productive for the cause.

Arzan is a human who won his position and his reputation proving to be one of the best warriors in the ranks of the Galactic Soldiers.
He entered the force at an early age and his promotion within the council was quick; as a legion general he had dozens of victories that led him to fame in several distant galaxies and once appointed first counselor, he established harmony and balance in several solar systems. For this reason he was one of the most respected and suitable members for the task granted.
Arzan decided to separate his troops into ten groups and send them to ten possible places where the sinister leader could be located according to the testimonies and clues gathered at the last universal assembly.
After days of searching, two of his spy soldiers believed they knew the whereabouts of the diabolical necromancer on a distant planet which had not been assigned to them. They opened a hidden cosmic portal between Rankard’s mountains and asked Arzan to travel immediately.This sudden fact caught the attention of the counselor, but the trust he had in his subordinates prevented him from doubting their actions for a second.
He quickly put on his electronic helmet, activated his protective suit and carefully checked that his laser weapon was perfectly charged before leaving on one of the most difficult missions ever awarded.

Upon crossing the portal, Arzan Roth was amazed. For a moment he thought he was on a magical planet, the pink sky with diffused blue clouds mixed with lush vegetation adorned by giant multicolored flowers, providing a unique and fascinating show.
The soft warm breeze rose to his mouth that barely peeked out from under the electronic helmet, everything seemed perfect and pleasant.
He quickly observed the markers of the special equipment on his wrist and noticed that they detected malignant and kind forces with similar amplitude and in permanent conflict.
Looking up, he saw a majestic castle in front of him. It was built with green rocks that seemed to be thousands of years old. Arzan had never seen anything like it. He was so amazed that he seemed to have forgotten the world around him and the reason that had led him there. He felt a vital need to contemplate it without knowing exactly why.
He paid attention to every detail; it had two towers on the sides and between them, resembling the shape of a door, was a cadaverous face with a huge jaw under two gigantic fangs placed in such a way that they provoked fear to whoever wanted to surpass it. He was stunned for a few seconds; he could feel a great power emanating from that mysterious fortress.
When he came back to his senses, he noticed that his soldiers, who had opened the portal and called him urgently, were not present. He turned his head to both sides and confirmed that he was alone; his hand slid almost instinctively to his laser gun, at that moment he heard the grass stirring strangely … then everything was darkness.

Book 4: Zafiro – The bewitched warrior

Upon awakening, Arzan Roth remembered nothing of what had happened; he felt intense pain all over his body and could barely move, he lay reclining on a wet and fetid mud. But that was not his biggest concern; his organic suit was no longer active and that was dangerous.
The space suit is everything for a galactic soldier, it is loaded with virtual shields that help him to protect himself, it is also an instrument that when crossing the spatial portal allows him to support the abrupt changes of temperature and it is also a charge source for his laser weapon and intergalactic communicators. That is why a soldier must look after his suit as much as his own life, because without it he is a simple mortal, helpless and isolated.
His surprise was great, because it is practically impossible for a Shearck suit (also known by that name) to stop working without being deactivated by its own user, since by the organic technology with which they were designed, they are vitally linked to each other.

Judging by what he could see through his infrared viewer, he seemed to be in a very old cave. The darkness was deep and the silence terrifying, the rocks that surrounded it were wet and full of insects.
Through a small crack in the wall he could see incandescent lava falling from a distant tower with a snake’s head. Everything there was gloomy.
He tried to sit up but could not do it, he was weak and aching as if a bolt of lightning had fallen on him.
Suddenly he felt a strong hand grab him by the shoulder; two devilish eyes lit up the thick darkness when they stared at him.
Zarco is a being who has an extraordinary musculature and his face reflects absolute evil.
Some blue necromancers like Zarco evolve more than others and obtain greater power in the management of dark magic, depending in many cases on the genetic composition they had before being converted.
Arzan was astonished at this spectral figure, in that hostile and totally unprotected place.

He tried to defend himself but could do nothing, when Zarco spoke; a deafening echo accompanied his macabre voice as he said:
“You’ve been tricked by your leader! Your companions tried to eliminate you, they set a trap for you, but I saved you and finished them. You will never forget what I did for you, you owe me your life and I will give you a new one! You will help me obtain the scepter of eternal life that will guarantee my subsistence. From now on you will be Zafiro, my servant, and together we will conquer the universe”.

As he finished pronouncing these words, a thick blue cloud emerged from his magic staff and enveloped his prisoner, who still dazed and weakened, could do nothing to prevent it. A few seconds later, when the nebula dissipated, a completely different figure then that of the powerful human warrior was seen.
His spacesuit had turned black, like his electronic helmet. The viewfinders in his eyes were such an intense red that they seemed to have a life of their own in the midst of the darkness. His mouth which was barely visible, was blue. His mind was blank.

When he got up his appearance was impressive, the vermin that prowled the cave fled as if the demon of the swamps had made itself present.
His lips pursed, letting hate flow in his words: “Hadron you’re going to pay for this”

With the new alliance formed between the most diabolical of the Necromancers and the First Galactic Councilor, now under the effect of his spell, a new power will endanger the universal balance…..

These Mini books are a small summary of the work “Hadron y los Guardianes Cósmicos” written by Matias Alonso, creator of the universe of Guardianes Cósmicos and all his characters, as well as places and passages named in this work, are the exclusive property of its author.