One prophecy - One mission

“The time will come when a lineage of evil beings will occupy more planets than the council has notion. Deceiving the strongest and subjecting the weakest will lead the cosmos to a deep chaos that even they won´t be able to stop. The balance will be corrupted and the universe will perish if they are not completely exterminated.”


•Hadron is the Supreme Leader of the Council of Cosmic Guardians.
•He comes from the planet Bollkrom and is the possessor of the diamond Scepter that grants eternal life!
•Governing from the palace of Silex, he will try to maintain harmony in the cosmos.

Galactic Soldier

• The Galactic soldiers are the members of the Council of Cosmic Guardians.
• This force is made up of different beings from all the galaxies.
• Its main function is to mediate conflicts that can alter the universal balance.

The universe is made up of the totality of space-time. In it are immeasurable galaxies formed among other things by stars and planets.

Some of these planets are uninhabitable, either because they´re exposed to extreme temperatures or because they´re covered in toxic gases harmful to life, but many others are occupied by thousands of species with different purposes and specific functions.

Some beings are intelligent and powerful, others are submissive and peaceful. There are those who fight for the common good and those who try to subjugate others for their own benefit and power.

The existence of the cosmos will therefore depend on the behavior of its inhabitants and the interaction generated between them.

It is known that there are as many diabolic entities as kindnesses and that this equity between good and evil is what maintains the universal balance.

To ensure this harmony, there is an ancestral organization called the “Council of Cosmic Guardians”

This elite is made up of individuals from all corners of the galaxies and its members are known as “Galactic Soldiers” whose main function is to mediate in different conflicts that may arise between planets or planetary systems, as well as fight against beings that try to alter the established order.

These brave warriors cannot always be in favor of the weakest, in many cases they are allies of ambitious kings or powerful rulers.

Its purpose is to maintain balance, regardless of the means to reach it.

As in all groupings, the council has hierarchies and ranks ranging from troop soldier to galactic counselor, culminating in a unipersonal power carrying the title of “Supreme Leader”.

The forces of the universe determine who that leader is. Choosing it among billions of beings, by some virtue or foundation; this illuminated is made known by a specific signal, which only the council is able to interpret it and execute.

The supreme leader is the living being with the most power in the cosmos; therefore the course of the latter depends on the actions that he executes.

In order to fulfill its functions, the council of cosmic guardians seeks allies throughout the vast universe; hundreds of species make up this powerful elite.

Many of them are infiltrated among the populations and live in them going unnoticed. But there are clearly malignant beings such as demons and mercenaries who travel the worlds for the purpose of conquest or expansion, who refuse to recognize this interstellar union, constantly causing prolonged space battles.

The galactic soldiers have the difficult task of repelling the oppressor, but never ending it, because if that happens, the forces of the universe will come into conflict.


• Zarco is one of the most ruthless sorcerers within his destructive species.
• It is not known where it comes from. Each Blue Necromancer belonged to another species before being converted!
• His greatest ambition is to obtain the scepter of eternal life and dominate the Universe.


.• Zafiro is the sinister henchman of Zarco.
• Arzan Roth was a great warrior of the Human race. He was the first galactic counselor.
• Today transformed into a Blue Necromancer, he will help the diabolical sorcerer to seize